Owing to tough abortion laws in place, getting access to a good abortion clinic in Oman where you can get a safe and legal abortion is not easy. American Hospital in Bangalore provides a working solution for this problem for expats as well as Indians from Oman. This hospital has a team of specialized doctors to ensure that all patients get the best care before, during and after the medical termination of pregnancy.

There are several circumstances which may lead to the need to terminate a pregnancy. Here are the main reasons for seeking an abortion in Oman.

Four Instances When Termination of a Pregnancy May Be Needed


If the pregnancy poses a danger to the mother, then abortion becomes the only option. Sometimes, owing to anomalies in the pregnancy, the fetus may in one way or the other pose danger to the mother’s life. In such circumstances, the only option to save the mother’s life is by termination of the pregnancy. This is one of the few exceptions provided by abortion laws in Oman.

The second instance when termination of a pregnancy may be needed is if there is evidence that the child will not be in a position to lead a normal life. Owing to modern technology, doctors are able to tell early into the pregnancy whether or not the child will be born with serious physical or mental defects. 

The other reason is if the pregnancy occurs as a result of rape. Rape is a painful experience and a pregnancy resulting from it could be a constant reminder of the painful ordeal. In the unlikely event that a rape ordeal results in pregnancy, an abortion may be needed to ensure that the victim does not live with these painful memories.

Finally, an abortion may be needed after the occurrence of teenage pregnancies or if the parent is not able to support the child. It will be very difficult for a teenage mother to support a child if she is in school or at a young age. 

Methods of Medical Termination of Pregnancy


Now lets’ take a look at the methods available for terminating pregnancies by expat patients from Oman. There are several methods and the success of each of these methods is determined by a number of factors such as the length of the pregnancy.

1. Surgical Abortion. This abortion is done in American Hospital Bangalore and it involves surgical removal. It has to be done in a hospital by a trained and qualified surgeon.

Unlike most other methods, this method can be done on pregnancies in the second or last trimester with success. It is however the most complicated method of terminating pregnancy.

2. The Abortion Pill. This is a common method all over the world. Since many people are wary about the abortion cost in Oman, they resort to this method because it is affordable and effective in termination of the pregnancies.

However, it will only be successful if it is done in the first few weeks of pregnancy. After 9 weeks from the first day of the last period, this method returns very low chances of success hence its use beyond this time is discouraged.

3. Saline. This is another method used for an abortion. The process is simple: a saline solution is injected into the membrane surrounding the fetus and the amniotic fluid is removed.

As soon as the fluid is in place, it won’t be long before labor is induced. The process normally takes about 24 hours. However, it can’t be done on pregnancies in the early days. Hence it’s recommended that the method is only applied on pregnancies that are 15 weeks or more.

4. Induction. This is popularly used for pregnancies that are in the later stages (before 20 weeks). The method is not recommended for pregnancies that are in their early days. It is fairly complicated and should therefore be done by trained and qualified medical personnel.

Basically, medication is administered orally, by injecting into the amniotic sac by injection or by placing in the vagina depending on the medicine used. There are others that are even introduced to the patient’s bloodstream through intravenous techniques.

5. Evacuation. This method is more physical because it involves creating a pathway for the fetus and actually removing it. For best results, this method should not be done before the 13th week of pregnancy or after the 20th week of pregnancy.

It involves special equipment that is inserted into the vagina to dilate the cervix and provide a way for the fetus to pass.

Before Choosing the Abortion Method to Use

There are a number of factors that have to be considered to ensure that you get a simple and problem-free abortion process.

Here are some of these factors:

  • Duration of the pregnancy. This is the most critical factor and it holds a lot of weight in the decision that will be made. Each of the abortion methods listed above works best in pregnancies that are of a specific age.
    Evacuation, for example, shows best results when done between the 13th and 20th week of pregnancy. In order to get the best chances of success, it’s important that you choose a method that has best chances of success in pregnancies that are as old or as young as yours.  Always speak with the doctor first.
  • Finally, you need to think about your body. Medical termination of pregnancy is a procedure that can take its toll on your body. Therefore you need to make sure that your body is capable of dealing with anything that might come with the process.
    If you have any medical conditions like as anemia, it is advisable to be open to our doctors so that you can be prepared to ensure that the process ends up a success.

When you come to American Hospital Bangalore, you can enjoy complete peace of mind knowing that all these factors and more are in our doctors’ checklists. As a result, you can be sure that nothing will be skipped or overlooked in the process. Hence you will get the best possible care for your specific situation.

The best part is that you will not be kept in the dark at any one point during the abortion procedure. All questions that you might have will be answered to your satisfaction by a trained and experienced care giver from our team of specialists.

Abortion Treatment Procedure

We have structured our services in such a manner that our expat and India patients from Oman can have a smooth and easy process during the administration of the procedure.

We understand how difficult it can be for foreign patients travelling for medical care. Therefore we have done our best to provide a hassle free experience for you as soon as you land.

Let’s take a look at the procedure steps that will be followed when you come for any abortion procedure:

Step 1: Scheduling

American Hospital Bangalore operates on a first-come-first served basis. To ensure that you don’t come and end up being sent away because all specialists are occupied, it is advisable to contact us and make a booking/appointment before you travel. This will ensure that you find a specialist available and waiting to handle your case when you arrive.

Luckily, you don’t have to leave Oman for this step. Everything can be done from the comfort of your home. All you need to do is to give us a call or WhatsApp us at +91 900 849 2277 or +91 934 382 6182 and talk to one of our experienced specialists who will advise you on the best way forward.

If there is anything to know about travelling or the abortion treatment procedure in Oman, they will inform you and respond to any queries that you might have. 

Step 2: Travelling

This step involves getting from your home in Oman to our Hospital in Bangalore. Our hospital is located at 10/4 Queens Road near the Indian Express Building at the Cunningham Road and Queens Road Intersection. The Congress Party offices on Queens Road and the Cantonment Railway Station are nearby.

From Oman, you should book a flight to Kempegowda International Airport in Bangalore aka Bengaluru from where you can take a taxi that will bring you straight to the hospital if you don’t have any other errands to run in India.

In efforts to ensure that you experience no problems during transit, we are always happy to link our foreign clients with good taxi companies that will ensure a seamless process from the airport and back.

If you like, you can even book a taxi before you leave Oman to ensure that you find someone waiting for you and ready to take you to any part of Bangalore that you would like to go. If you would like to stay around for some time before or after the procedure, we can also link you to excellent hotels.

Step 3: Initial Appointment

Here, you will get a chance to talk to your doctor about yourself. This is the place where you should open up about any pre-existing medical conditions that might affect the success of the procedure.

Our doctors are professionals in the field and they are backed by years of experience in the field. With that said, you can be sure that they will have answers to all the questions that you might have about the procedure.

They will help you choose a method that will be used to terminate the pregnancy given your particular needs, and tell you the process that will be followed during the procedure. You will also be told what to expect after the procedure to ensure that you are fully prepared for all the occurrences.

If you have any questions about the process, this is a good time to air them because you will get credible answers from the specialists who will handle your case.

If you would like our one-day abortion treatment procedure, it is advisable to arrive early in the morning so that you can get time to talk to the doctor and leave ample time for the procedure.

Step 4: Tests

Before the abortion can be administered, there are tests that have to be done to verify that indeed your body is in a position to accept the treatment without any complications. Different procedures will have different effects on your body. Hence the doctor will recommend the tests that are relevant depending on the method that will be used for the abortion.

You might be asked to wait for a few minutes as the tests are being done. Once the results are out, they will be taken to the doctor who will analyze them and give any comments. Once this is done, you will be asked to proceed to the treatment room where the procedure will be administered.

Step 5: The Abortion

This step is where the actual abortion takes place. Depending on the method chosen, you might be taken to a standard treatment room or a surgical operating room. Surgical operating rooms are for the older pregnancies and complex methods such as surgical abortions or dilation and evacuation.

If your conditions are fit for a simple method like abortion pills, then you will be taken to a standard treatment room where the medication will be administered. The process followed and the length of the procedure will depend on the complexity of the method that will be applied.

However, it normally ranges between a few minutes for the simple procedures and up to 2 hours for the more complicated procedures. The doctor will also recommend some medication to counteract any possible effects that might occur after the procedure.

Step 6: Post Abortion Care

This is the final step in the abortion process available to Oman residents at American Hospital Bangalore. We take the healing process very seriously. Hence we can never overlook the importance of this care after the procedure.

Our post abortion care is customized to fit our patients individual needs depending on the method that was used in the abortion. You will get tips and advice that will be very practical in helping you recover in the shortest time possible and continue with your day to day operations.

Under normal circumstances, all parts of this procedure have been designed to fit in a single day to ensure that it takes as little of your time as possible. In a few rare circumstances, the doctors might find it fit to request that you stay overnight for observation before you are discharged.

However, a majority of our patients are treated and released on the same day. We understand how difficult life can get when you are unwell in a foreign country. Hence we do our best to ensure that there are no unnecessary delays so that we can release you as soon as possible.

Elements of American Hospital Bangalore Post Abortion Care

Termination of a pregnancy has its quirks. Therefore we have designed a service that will see to it that you are prepared for any occurrence that might come after the procedure. Many of our expat and Indian patients from Oman leave us very happy for having a chance to experience this care.

It has been structured in a manner that seeks to identify any challenges or issues that you might be facing or those that you will face after the abortion and giving suggestions for how you can deal with them.

Here are some of the elements of this care:

  • Infections are very common after abortions due to the increased blood flow that is experienced. Unfortunately, the blood flow is inevitable for the first few days after the abortion hence the only way out is by finding a way of preventing the infections.
    Our trained care givers will give you suggestions and recommendations that will help you avoid these infections so that you can have a quick healing process after the abortion.
  • Another element of our post abortion care is counseling. We can never overlook the emotional turmoil that comes with having to terminate a pregnancy. We know that it can be a tough and emotionally draining process and hence we stop at nothing to ensure that you receive expert attention from an experienced counselor.
  • Contraception is another very critical element of American Hospital Bangalore’s post abortion care. We know how difficult the process of getting an abortion is on the patient. Therefore we do our best to ensure that none of our patients ever has to face it again. This is done by giving you multiple options to choose from for contraception.
    This means that you will be in a position to evaluate your options and choose the method that works best for your case. Any questions that you might have about contraception will be answered by a specialist so you won’t have to rely on hearsay or rumors for such a critical element of your reproductive health.
  • Owing to the loss of blood that is common after abortions, your body will need much more attention from you. To ensure that this goes in the best way possible, we prepare you by suggesting some of the nutritional supplements that will work well with your body in this time to ensure that your body functions optimally.
  • Sometimes, owing to strict abortion laws in Oman, some patients might end up getting unsafe abortions from unqualified personnel. These procedures usually lead to multiple complications that can have severe implications on the health of a patient.

At American Hospital Bangalore, we have room for these patients. Our post abortion care will ensure that you get expert help that will clear any mess that could have been left by unsafe failed abortion procedures.

However, the success of this operation is determined to a great extent by the time taken before the patient seeks medical attention. Therefore, you should not wait long.

With all these factors in consideration, it’s easy to see why American Hospital Bangalore is the best place to go for medical termination of pregnancy in Oman. As a hospital we stop at nothing to ensure that all our patients get the best care during this critical time.

Let’s take a look at a few more reasons why American Hospital Bangalore is the place to be when you need to get an abortion in Oman.

Why American Hospital Bangalore

1. Guaranteed Confidentiality – Abortions are very sensitive topics in any environment. As a result, many people are worried about the safety of their personal information when seeking these services.

When you come to American Hospital Bangalore, you can rest easy knowing that confidentiality is the least of your worries. This is because all our employees who have access to any patient information are under very strict regulation to uphold the highest level of confidentiality in their operations. We also do not ask for any information that is not directly needed in performing the procedures.

2. Legal Procedures – All abortion procedures are done by licensed gynecologists in compliance with Indian MTP law.  They are safe, confidential and legal. 

3. Trained Personnel and World Class Facilities – We have invested in our workforce to ensure that they have the skills necessary to make them capable of providing the best solutions to our patients.

In addition to having highly trained personnel, we have bought the latest equipment that enhances efficiency and effectiveness in all our operations. With this in mind, you can be sure that you will be in safe hands throughout the procedure.

4. Same Day Abortion Procedure – Our one-day abortion procedure is structured in a manner that allows you to get all elements of the treatment in a single day. This is very ideal for expat and Indian patients from Oman because the impact on your schedule will be small.

You can even travel to India and go back home on the same day. Our process is smooth with no unnecessary delays.

5. Post Abortion Care – As part of our abortion procedures, we make sure that every single one of our patients is left with all the information necessary to get healing in the shortest time possible. This along with critical support is provided in our post abortion care. Nothing will get you by surprise because we will give you all the information necessary to tackle any situation that might arise.

Call or WhatsApp us at +91 900 849 2277 or +91 934 382 6182 today, to have 1 FREE PHONE CONSULTATION with the doctor or to make an appointment.