An Inside Look At The Abortion Laws In Oman

The laws of the state of Oman prohibit abortion. Abortion is not a legal practice in Oman and there are only exceptional circumstances when abortion may be allowed in Oman.

To begin with, the abortion laws in Oman permit a pregnant woman to have an abortion if and only if her life is in danger. When the life of the pregnant woman is in danger and this danger is posed by the continual in development of the pregnancy, then abortion may be granted.

However, before the pregnant woman is allowed to have this abortion procedure, her condition must be checked and ascertained to be critical by a highly qualified and respected doctor. It is only after the doctor has given a written consent detailing why the abortion procedure should be carried out that the procedure can start.

Abortion is illegal and thus anyone found breaking the abortion laws in Oman faces a severe penalty. A woman found to have undergone an abortion procedure in Oman or seeking abortion services in Oman faces a prison sentence of not less than three years.

This applies to both locals and foreigners. In the case of foreigners, as soon as they have served their sentences, their work permit would be revoked and they would immediately be deported back to their home country.

The abortion laws in Oman are not any complacent when it comes to the medical personnel or doctor trying to offer abortion procedures to pregnant women. Any person or doctor found guilty of procuring an abortion to a pregnant woman without her consent faces a jail term of not less than five years. In addition to this, the operation licence of the doctor in question and the hospital where the procedure was undertaken would be cancelled.

Any person or doctor helping a pregnant woman have an abortion with her consent risks facing a jail term of not less than three years. In addition to this the operating licences will also be cancelled.

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