What You Should Know About Abortion Clinics In Oman

The abortion laws in the state of Oman do not allow abortion except in the circumstances where the life of the woman is at risk. Therefore, abortion is illegal in Oman and this applies to every person living in Oman including foreigners.

Although the law does not permit women to have abortions in Oman there have been a number of illegal abortions being carried out in Oman. These illegal abortion procedures are mainly carried out by illegal abortion clinics in Oman that have no licences to operate.

The abortion laws in Oman state that a person or doctor helping a woman have an abortion without her consent faces a prison sentence. Due to these tough rules, many pregnant women in Oman turn to underground and illegal abortion clinics in Oman. The state of Oman does not allow any hospital or clinic, whether private or government owned to carry out abortion procedures in Oman. Thus any clinic in Oman offering abortion services is illegal.

The abortion clinics in Oman are also very dangerous. This is because these illegal clinics do not have the right equipment to be used for abortion procedures. They only use crude tools and equipment that could very easily injure the womb of the pregnant women and cause further complications.

There have been many cases of women being rushed to government hospitals at a state where they have lost too much blood and are fighting for their lives. This mostly happens when the abortion procedure has gone bad due to the crude instruments and the alleged doctors have no idea what to do next.

Apart from using crude equipment at the abortion clinics in Oman, the doctors who carry out these procedures are not fully qualified or competent enough. Being an illegal practice in Oman; abortion procedures are only carried out by unlicensed doctors because they are not qualified enough to undertake a legal practice.

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