We care about our patient’s health first. We offer personalized health care and abortion/ medical termination of pregnancy services in compliance with The World Health Organization prescribed standards..


We are located in Bangalore, India where medical termination of pregnancy/abortion is legal. The procedure is conducted by highly experienced gynecologists, doctors and nursing staff.


All patient information is fully confidential and private. Any discussions regarding patient’s health care with the doctor at the hospital is regarded with utmost confidentiality.



Abortion in Oman, under most circumstances, is not legal and the only time when a pregnant woman can be allowed to have an abortion is when her life is in danger. Otherwise, the laws of this state prohibit any form of abortion and any medical personnel or doctor helping a woman procure an abortion faces stiff penalties that includes but is not limited to imprisonment.

Although the abortion laws in Oman clearly state that abortion is illegal, unfortunately the number of illegal abortion procedures has been on the rise in Oman. Sadly, in most cases this does not end up well with the women who are trying to seek the abortion pills or procedures in Oman. Many times these women are rushed to legal private and public hospitals when fighting for their lives after the attempted abortion procedure has failed.

In order to avoid the above tragedies of unsafe abortion, women from Oman and other Middle Eastern countries where abortion is not possible, have been flying to Bangalore, India to seek abortion services. The best destination for these women has been American Hospital Bangalore. This is an ultra modern hospital with state of the art medical facilities and highly trained personnel who offer some of the best medical services in the whole world.

Why do patients travel to Bangalore, India for abortion procedures?

It is almost impossible for a pregnant woman to get an abortion in Oman. This is simply because abortion is illegal and rather than going to illegal and unsafe abortion clinics in Oman it is better for a pregnant expat woman to travel to Bangalore India for a one day abortion procedure that is safe.

Below are some of the major reasons as to why it is safe and better to travel to American Hospital Bangalore:

  • Abortion is Legal In India – Abortion for pregnant women has been a legal practice in India since 1971, in compliance with the MTP Act of India, when the Medical Termination of Pregnancy Act was passed in parliament.
  • High Quality Medical Care – For many years India has been a top medical destination for many people. Hundreds of thousands of people from across the globe travel to India annually to seek high quality medical care. This is so, because the Indian government has invested a substantial amount of money in the health sector and top hospitals in the country such as American Hospital Bangalore have been keeping in touch with the latest and best medical technology.
    This way, we have been able to equip our hospitals with the state of the art medical equipment in order to provide high quality and safe medical services. Thus, the abortion procedure services offered at American Hospital Bangalore are the best that you can get anywhere in the world.
  • One Day Procedure – At American Hospital Bangalore we offer one day abortion procedures. Considering that a flight from Muscat to Bangalore is only about three hours; expat and Indian patients can fly in, in the morning, have the abortion procedure and be ready for an evening flight back home.
    We understand how the time schedule can be tight for our clients and that is why we endeavor to ensure that we cause no inconvenience at all. You can always call or WhatsApp our hospital to speak to our doctors who will help you with the arrangements and early appointment bookings.
    Once you have arrived at the airport, we can organize for taxi transport to the hospital which is only a short distance away so that you come straight and have the procedure. Upon arrival at the hospital, the doctors will then carry out a series of tests to determine the best procedure to use as well as establish if there are any complications.
    After all the tests have been concluded the abortion procedure would be carried out and it should not take long. The doctors would then follow up with the post abortion care just to ascertain that everything went well and you are recovering well. By the end of the day the patient would be ready to go back home and resume their daily and normal work routine.
  • Patient Privacy and Confidentiality – At American Hospital Bangalore we regard patient’s privacy and confidentiality. Our doctors are under strict oaths not to divulge any patient information without the consent of the patient.
    The doctors adhere to strict work ethics and you can be rest assured that any information with regard to your abortion procedure will remain strictly private and confidential. Not even the government will be able to get such confidential patient information as the law protects from such infringement and the system is thus fool proof.
  • International Medical Standards – The kind of medical care that patients receive at American Hospital Bangalore is at par with the best medical services that you can get in some of the best hospitals in Europe and the United States.
    We have doctors who have been well trained in Germany, England and the United States and thus they have acquired the best knowledge in the medical field. These doctors are some of the best minds that you can find in India and thus you can be sure that you will be on safe hands.
    Apart from having some of the best doctors and the gynecologists in the country, we also compliment these doctors with the best medical equipment in the industry. This makes the work of the doctors easy and without error.
  • Peaceful Ambiance And Hospital Comfort- American Hospital Bangalore is set in a peaceful environment ideal for quick patient recovery and away from the hustle and bustle of the town. The hospital rooms are comfortable and have hotel-like setups with 24/7 hospital room services.
    Patients, while recovering will also have access to fast and full time Wi-Fi internet as well as flat screen TVs. The hospital rooms are also stylish and well decorated giving patients the peace of mind that they require. In case a patient needs anything; it will be a press of a button away, as the room service will be standing by, awaiting to serve you.

Risks of having an abortion in Oman

The state of Oman has strict rules regarding abortion in Oman and whoever breaks these rules risks legal prosecution. Like many of the states in the Middle East, with abortion in Oman, unless the life of the pregnant woman is at stake, abortion is not permitted.

Due to the stringent abortion laws in Oman, many women who get pregnant and would like to have an abortion for whatever valid reason resort to illegal and dangerous abortion clinics in Oman. To begin with, these clinics are illegal and thus any association with such establishments would attract prosecution from the government.

Secondly, the abortion clinics in Oman being illegal; do not adhere to the medical safety standards and regulations. The doctors are not well trained or even qualified to carry out abortion procedures. They also do not have the right equipment to carry out safe abortion procedures. Most of the equipment used by these doctors are crude, homemade or improvised equipment that might be fatal to the woman.

The abortion clinics in Oman are underground clinics operated mostly by quacks. Whatever the case, these are not people that you can trust with your life, and you should never consider seeking services from them.

There have been a number of cases where pregnant women have been rushed to hospital bleeding fatally and fighting for their lives. This normally happens when an abortion procedure goes wrong and the “doctors” undertaking the procedures don’t know what to do next.

A good number of women in Oman have lost their lives due to abortion procedures that have gone wrong. Many others have lost the ability to conceive and cannot have children anymore. Therefore having an abortion in Oman is not worth the risk as the consequences are too tough to bear.

Another thing that is even more worrying is that these abortion clinics in Oman are temporary and as soon as things go wrong they disappear. Many women who have suffered at the hands of quacks have not been able to get justice as the perpetrators have never been found. The clinics are only temporary set ups and move from time to time.

Other alternatives

Apart from the illegal abortion clinics, women also resort to abortion pills. Abortion clinics in Muscat, Oman, are not so many and also not easy to come by. Furthermore, most of the establishments that claim to be abortion clinics in Muscat, Oman are temporary set ups that are ran by con men aimed at defrauding pregnant and desperate women. Therefore, the other remaining option is for women to seek abortion pills.

As you can guess, abortion pills are also not easy to get in Oman. These pills are also illegal in Oman and you can never buy them over the counter. The pills are also not even available in hospitals and thus women acquire them through online platforms.

There are a number of online links that sell abortion pills to pregnant women in Oman. However, this is also a very dangerous practice that no woman should try. First the cost of abortion pills in Oman is very high. These pills are very expensive not to mention how difficult it is to acquire them.

Another challenge of using abortion pills is that these are not over the counter drugs that you can buy without prescription. The pills have to be prescribed by certified gynecologists after conducting comprehensive tests. This is because these pills are dangerous to use and if not administered well; the results can be fatal.

Abortion pills can only be used up to a certain time of the pregnancy after which they are no longer safe to use. Thus, abortion pills can only be used during the first few weeks of the first trimester and not after this stage. Furthermore, women who have medical or health issues such as blood clotting problems are advised not to use abortion pills.

Apart from abortion pills being very expensive in Oman, they are also very hard to get. Most of the online shops that sell these pills to pregnant women in Oman fail to deliver as they promise. They only take advantage of women only to disappear with the money and not sell any pills. Others sell the wrong pills to the desperate pregnant women and they only end up wasting their money.

Instead of going through all of the above trouble and risks of getting an abortion pill it is better to travel to American Hospital Bangalore in India and get high quality, safe and legal abortion. While the abortion cost in Oman is quite high; in India the cost of abortion is quite fair. Here at American Hospital Bangalore we offer affordable but world class medical care.


Abortion Services offered at American Hospital Bangalore

There is no doubt that American Hospital Bangalore is the leading and best destination for all medical tourists as we have the capability and capacity to offer excellent medical services.

With the very competent and able team of medical practitioners we offer the following abortion procedure services:

  • Abortion With Pills – This is of the most common methods of abortion. Abortion with pills is a preferred method of abortion by many women simply because it does not involve any insertions or surgical instruments.
    The procedure is also quite smooth and doesn’t require much. However, one technicality to this method of abortion is that it can only be used up to seven weeks of pregnancy.
    When you come to American Hospital Bangalore, the doctors will first of all carry out a number of tests to ensure that it is safe to use abortion pills. After the tests have been concluded, you will be given a tablet called mifepristone which is administered orally.After this, you will be discharged and allowed to go home. The second day after the pill will be a normal day although you may experience some bleeding similar to the menstrual cycle. Physical pain and discomfort is minimal at this stage.
    On the third day after the first pill you will be asked to administer another set of pills called prostaglandins. These tablets induce cramping and the body is able to eject the remains of the foetus.
    You will experience bleeding similar to the menstrual bleeding or slightly heavier for an extended period of time of about seven days or less. After the bleeding is over, the procedure will pretty much be over and the doctors may request that you come back for check-up and sonography to ensure that there is no damage to the womb and that the uterus is intact.
  • D&C Abortion – This is another abortion procedure commonly used at American Hospital Bangalore. D&C is basically a dilation and suction procedure and is applicable for pregnancies that are between seven to twelve weeks old.
    Once you have talked to our doctors and booked an appointment in advance, the procedure will start as soon as you arrive at the hospital. First of all, for safety purposes, a series of tests will be conducted to ensure that you are healthy and in good condition to undergo the procedure.
    The doctors and gynecologists normally advice that you should not eat anything a few hours prior to the procedure so as to ensure that you have an empty stomach while undergoing the procedure.After completing the tests and it is ascertained that you are good to go: the doctors will administer anesthesia so that you won’t feel any pain during the whole process. They will then dilate the cervix after which they will proceed with the suction process where they get rid of the fetus in the uterus. This procedure is fairly short and doesn’t take too much time.
    After the suction is over, the doctors will check for any bleeding and when all is well you will be allowed to rest for some few hours after taking some fluids and solid food. The final test will be to pass urine. If you are able to pass urine without any pain then you will be discharged and allowed to go home.
  • Second Trimester Abortion Procedure – The second trimester abortion procedure is applied when the pregnancy is between 12 to 20 weeks old. At this stage, the pregnancy is quite developed and a lot of care has to be taken to ensure that the pregnant woman is safe.
    When you visit American Hospital Bangalore the gynaecologists and doctors will first of all conduct a series of tests to establish your health condition and that of the developing pregnancy.
    After the tests are complete and everything is okay, you will be given medication that will induce cramping and expulsion of the foetus. The foetus will thus be expelled and it will be followed by the placenta.Once all this is done successfully, antibiotics and painkillers will be administered so as to prevent infection and ease up the pain. However, in some cases, the foetus is expelled but the placenta does not come out.
    This is a serious situation which may turn fatal if the placenta is not removed soon afterwards. In this case, the doctors will take you to the operation room where the placenta will be surgically removed. This needs the skills of highly qualified doctors and those who are very competent.
  • Post Abortion Care – At American Hospital Bangalore we ensure that you not only get the best treatment but also you recover as fast as possible without any complications. It is for this reason that our doctors will always come up with a post abortion care procedure to ensure that you heal quickly and that you are in perfect shape after the whole procedure is complete.
    After the abortion procedure, the doctors will follow up keenly to check how you are progressing and in case of any problems, they will be at hand to help you solve the problem.

Call or WhatApp to speak with the doctor at American Hospital Bangalore

Having an abortion in Oman is not worth the risk. The abortion laws in Oman are too strict and thus it is better for one to seek abortion services in India. American Hospital Bangalore is dedicated to ensuring that offers state of the art medical services at all times.

We have invested heavily in equipment and not to mention the highly trained and experienced doctors that we have. We always aim at perfection and that is why we shall stop at nothing to ensure that you get nothing but the best from us.

We also have excellent customer care services that have made it easy for patients to get in touch with us at any time of the day and night. Our phone lines are operational twenty four hours a day, seven days a week.

Once you call us we will patch you straight to a doctor so that you are able to speak in private and with confidentiality. Early booking of appointments can be done over the phone and we can also organize for transport services from the airport to the hospital if you request.

There is nothing short of the best at American Hospital Bangalore. Call or WhatsApp us today at +91 934 382 6182.

Call or WhatsApp +91 900 849 2277 or +91 934 382 6182 today, for 1 FREE PHONE CONSULTATION with the doctor or to make an appointment.




  • US, UK, Germany trained
  • Over 20 years experience
  • Prioritize patient safety
  • Excellent post-abortion care
  • Caring and compassionate
  • Value patient privacy
  • Value patient confidentiality
  • Friendly and accessible

Dr. Mamta

Dr. Mamta comes with over 15 years experience as a gynecologist and have doing abortion/ medical termination of pregnancy. Not only is she a highly qualified doctor, but she is also caring and compassionate with her patients. She ensures safe and maximum post-abortion medical care and recovery.



  • Gynecology and abortion expertise
  • Over 7 years experience
  • Prioritize patient safety
  • Excellent post-abortion care
  • Caring and compassionate
  • Value patient privacy
  • Value patient confidentiality
  • Friendly and accessible

Sister Amulya

Sister Amulya comes with over 7 years of experience as a gynecology nurse. She has vast experience in gynecology and medical termination of pregnancy/ abortion cases. She is friendly, kind and aspires to provide the best medical care for each of her patients.



  • International patients and hospital expertise
  • Over 30 years medical admin experience
  • Prioritize patient safety
  • Excellent post-abortion counselling
  • Caring and compassionate
  • Value patient privacy
  • Value patient confidentiality
  • Friendly and accessible

Mrs. Annamma Abraham

Mrs. Annamma comes with over 30 years of experience as an able, reliable and committed hospital administrator. Her vision and caring is unparalleled. She is kind, easy to communicate with and understanding of patient concerns. Most importantly she ensures her patients get the best medical care.

"We provide safe, confidential abortion and medical termination of pregnancy services in accordance with the highest International medical standards at American"

Hospital Administrator



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Free Doctor Consultation

Free Doctor Consultation

The doctor consultation over the phone is free. Call to discuss your medical situation with the doctor today.

Pregnancy Scanning & Blood Test

Pregnancy Scanning & Blood Test

Scanning is done to determine the pregnancy stage, number of weeks etc. Blood tests are done to ensure patient safety and pregnancy details confirmation.

Gynecologist Consultation

Gynecologist Consultation

Gynaecologist reviews patient information and determines procedure.



Safe medical abortion procedure is carried out via pills or medical termination of pregnancy. Gynaecologist and doctor advices patient on post-abortion health care and recovery.

Post Abortion Care

Post Abortion Care

After the abortion procedure, post abortion care is provided to ensure patient safety and quick and healthy recovery.

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