Abortion Pills in Oman Explained

All over the world, the abortion pill is by far the most commonly used method for medical termination of pregnancy. It goes without saying that it is also the most commonly used abortion method in Oman.

Despite its popularity, many people still have many questions about how it works or why it is preferred by many women seeking to terminate pregnancies. Let’s take a look at answers some of the commonly asked questions concerning abortion pills in Oman.

What is an Abortion Pill?

Before we take a look at the fine details of how it works, let’s first try and understand what it is. The abortion pill is a medical option of terminating pregnancies using two medicines. These medicines are mifepristone and misoprostol. Mifepristone basically blocks progesterone, which is the hormone responsible for maintaining the lining of the uterus.

As a result, the lining breaks down and creates optimum condition for the second medicine, misoprostol to work. This misoprostol on the other hand causes contractions of the womb which results in the expulsion of the pregnancy. With that said, it’s important to note that there are no surgical procedures that are necessary if the pill is used in termination of a pregnancy.

How safe and effective is the abortion pill?

When done early, the abortion pill is very effective in medical termination of pregnancies. This is the primary reason for the popularity of the use of abortion pills in Muscat. It is also very safe for most women. The only concerns are excessive bleeding which usually follows and some pain that as a result of the muscle cramps. Some women might also feel dizzy and a little nausea during the process.

Are there benefits?

Yes, the abortion pills have very many benefits to the women when compared to other methods of termination of pregnancies. The most common benefits include:

  • It is simple and can be done as soon as pregnancy is detected
  • It is less invasive and feels like menstruation
  • It is more private and doesn’t have to involve admission in a hospital ward
  • It does not involve any anesthesia
  • It is relatively more affordable than most other methods

Any challenges associated with this method?

The abortion pill is relatively safe and effective in the termination of pregnancy. The only challenges that arise are the suitability of the method in termination of pregnancy beyond the 9th week. However, when administered in the early days of the pregnancy, the pill has very high chances of success.

Abortion pills in Oman are the most common methods used in abortions in Oman.  Self-administering abortion pills is risky and carries potential long term health risks to the patients. It is not recommended to take abortion pills without gynecologist supervision under any circumstances.  Also, there is a big risk of getting counterfeit drugs and hence it is advisable that you get them only from a renowned institution and prescribed and administered by a qualified and certified gynecologist.

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